This product is common and effective treatment with type hernia (hernia belt), suitable for all types of hernia patients, mainly for increases in the small intestine and direct channeling gas testicular hernia, indirect inguinal hernia, the calm port hernia, direct inguinal hernia, and is not suitable for surgery and patients before surgery. Hernia of the disease are mostly manual labor had a bad cold cough, abdominal pressure increases causing angry disease.

The performance of the disease: mild pain in the abdomen, heavy bag in the belly bulge. However, many women have these symptoms will be mistaken for gynecological diseases, TCM treatment through injection, medication is not effective and misdiagnosis of patients. Hernia is a hernia treatment in patients with the most safe and effective specialist equipment supplies, mainly through the equipment fixed before they can play a supplementary treatment to achieve the purpose, the product has no surgery, no hospitalization, low cost, without pain, without any side effects easy to use, without prejudice to the normal work of the advantages of patients.

【Usage】: use drawstring through the perineum through the respective front and belt connecting abdominal (drawstring through the Department will be in Indonesia, not to suppress the scrotum and testis). First of all the patients with inguinal hernia or in the scrotum into the abdominal cavity within the tumor back after (patient supine on the bed gently to hand back), to care on the patients at the belly of the ball groove ring (wrap and belt in the ventral before the junction) fixed in the wrap and belt at the junction. Yang dispel cold leak back to play the role of sodium. The second stage came alive again to the 2nd ball qi life care to achieve and consolidate therapeutic purposes, such as bilateral hernia have I and II, respectively to put the ball can trust. "Global care" can lift the patient supine, seating, activity spaces and work and work study exercise inconvenience and suffering. Through the effect of Chinese medicine to stimulate the ventral groove of the inner ring (outer ring) around the muscle (fascia) growth to inner (outer) mouth gradually reduced, through the activation of cell metabolism to promote traditional Chinese medicine to achieve the objective. (See instructions)

Hernia belt and the children were divided into type, the same price, purchase, please confirm (color, please have the spot date)


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